Middlesex Water

Water Production, Treatment and Distribution

Water, it flows through our lives daily and is essential to our very existence.

Water is essential to life.  It's vital to public health protection, ensures our quality of life and adequate fire protection, and provides a framework for economic development and prosperity.  We work to ensure water that meets the highest standards. Our core strengths include the management, operations and maintenance of water production and distribution systems. We have experience operating small-system plants of 100,000 gallons per day to systems that produce 48 million gallons a day or more.

Several of our professional staff of scientists, engineers and state licensed operators have been recognized for outstanding service to the water industry on state and national levels. Many are regarded as experts in the following fields:

  • Surface and Groundwater Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Laboratory Testing an Analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance Processes
  • Plant Design and Construction
  • State Permitting and Approval Processing

Operation and Management of Water and Wastewater Utilities

When possible, we integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) technology into our management of water and wastewater utilities. GIS combines mapping software with data management tools to collect, organize and share information. GIS can be used to integrate hydraulic modeling tools and engineering analyses into project planning.