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Meter Pit Program Offers Middlesex Water Customers Convenience and Safety

ISELIN, NJ   September 11, 2017 -- Middlesex Water Company is pleased to announce that it has committed resources to a multi-year program to relocate interior residential water meters to exterior meter pit enclosures for customer convenience and safety and to comply with regulations. This program affects customers in the company’s Middlesex retail system in the towns of Carteret, Edison, Metuchen, South Amboy, South Plainfield and Woodbridge.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities requires residential meters to be replaced and tested on a recurring schedule, typically ten years for most residential customers. As meters approach the testing anniversary or if the Company encounters challenging meter access issues, these meters will be placed on our meter relocation list. Exterior meter pit installation and the actual relocation of the interior meter to the pit is typically a two-phase process.  During the first phase of the project, exterior meter pits will be installed at each customer's premise ahead of their scheduled meter testing. Then, during their scheduled meter testing, Middlesex Water will relocate each customer's interior meter to the company owned exterior meter pit.

This program is one of several under the Company’s Water for Tomorrow initiative designed to strengthen the water system infrastructure to help ensure greater reliability, safety and resiliency.

Program Benefits

  • Convenience - Customers will no longer need to be at home waiting for a technician to remove the interior meter because no access is needed to the home.
  • Safety - Eliminating in-home visits reduces the potential for imposters to pose as water company personnel trying to gain access to your home.
  • Protection - A leaking meter, though infrequent, can damage your home’s interior and basement.  Moving these meters outdoors eliminates the risk of damage caused by a leaking meter.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance of the meter environment when located in the home, and providing meter access to MWC service personnel is the customer’s responsibility. Once relocated to an exterior pit, meter maintenance is the company’s responsibility.
  • Efficiency - Meter pits allows quicker and easier access by company personnel, which is especially important in emergencies.

Customers of affected premises will receive advance notice of a scheduled meter relocation via door hanger.  All meter relocation work will be performed by Middlesex Water personnel or its contractors at no cost to customers.  Location of the meter pit, typically in the planter area (between the curb and sidewalk) or in the sidewalk is based on field conditions such as buried underground utilities, available space, or where the municipality has expressed a preference to ensure uniformity. Following the installation of an exterior meter pit, Middlesex will perform temporary restoration, followed by more complete restoration within one to three months, weather permitting. 

About Middlesex Water

Middlesex Water Company, (NASDAQ:MSEX) established in 1897 provides regulated and unregulated water and wastewater utility services in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania through various subsidiary companies. 


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