Middlesex Water

Dennis Doll Discusses Water for Tomorrow on WCTC Radio

Dennis Doll, CEO and President of Middlesex Water Company discussed infrastructure investment on WCTC 1450 AM on Friday, June 16. Doll described the company's Water For Tomorrow®effort which involves numerous projects designed to upgrade and replace infrastructure and enhance the integrity of system assets to better serve the current and future generations of water users. Middlesex plans to invest $160 million through 2018 in connection with this plan.  

Water For Tomorrow projects include:

  • Construction of a 42”, 4.6 mile water transmission pipeline to provide critical resiliency and redundancy capability to the Company’s water transmission system.
  • Replacement of five miles of water mains including service lines, valves, fire hydrants and meters in the Borough of South Plainfield, NJ
  • Introduction of an enhanced treatment process at the Company’s largest water plant in Edison, NJ, which helps reduce disinfection by-products that can develop naturally during treatment
  • Additional elevated storage tanks to supplement and ensure water supply during emergencies and peak usage periods
  • Upgrades and improvements to water interconnections with neighboring utilities for resiliency and emergency response
  • Relocation of meters  from inside customers’ premises to exterior meter pits to allow quicker access by crews in emergencies as well as enhanced customer safety and convenience
  • Additional standby power generation.

“Working to ensure sustained quality service across generations is a major part of our responsibility as a steward of a precious natural resource that is critical to economic stability, as well as to life itself. This responsibility requires that we make smart, proactive capital investments,” said Dennis W. Doll, Middlesex Water Chairman, President and CEO.  “The projects encompassed in the Water For Tomorrow campaign are all based on rigorous asset management evaluations. They are a natural extension of the diligence we have applied over many years to make prudent investments to bolster our water delivery network, enhance system pressures and storage, provide critical back up supplies, reduce lost water, and enhance the safety of our water treatment process,” added Doll.

Information and updates about the Water For Tomorrow program can be found here