Middlesex Water


Dover, DE - June 28, 2017 – Tidewater Utilities, Inc. has issued its Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for its customers in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.  The report can be accessed immediately via a direct link on the Company’s website at: http://waterquality.tuiwater.com.  Tidewater Utilities is pleased to report that water delivered to customers during 2016 met or was better than state and federal primary standards for safe drinking water.

The purpose of the report is to educate customers about the source of their drinking water, the quality of their water supply, the testing performed during 2016 and ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards possible.

Tidewater Utilities invites everyone to join in protecting drinking water sources for current and future generations by following a few simple suggestions:

  • Check with your local municipality to learn how to dispose of household wastes such as motor oil, paint and pharmaceuticals property.
  • Keep chemicals and debris out of storm drains, which may flow into surface waterways.
  • Limit the use of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Practice wise water use (repair leaking faucets or toilets, etc.)
  • Consider installing WaterSense® labeled water-efficient products

Tidewater, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ: MSEX), was established in 1964 and provides a wide range of water and wastewater services, including consulting, contract operations and maintenance, and bulk water supply. For more information about Tidewater, visit www.tuiwater.com, or call 877-720-9272.

Middlesex Water Company, organized in 1897, provides regulated and unregulated water and wastewater utility services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania through various subsidiary companies. For additional information regarding Middlesex Water Company, visit www.middlesexwater.com, or call 732-634-1500.