Middlesex Water

Customers should be reminded that all meters are owned by Pinelands Water Company and that it is the customer’s responsibility to protect them from damage including freezing, damage, and breakage. Customers who choose to winterize their systems should use care and utilized qualified licensed plumber contractors to perform any work and maintenance on their irrigation system including turning the system on and off. 

Customers and their contractors should only operate the valve at the irrigation meter setting and not the Pinelands Water Company main service valve at the curbstop.  This valve is only to be operated by Pinelands Water Company representatives. 

If the water meters are removed during this process, they must be properly capped by the contractor to protect the meter. Failure to do so could damage the meter, either from freezing or damage from air, which will result in the customer being billed for the material and labor to replace the meter.  This can be avoided with proper handling by the customer and their contractors. 

If the meter is found to be damaged, Pinelands Water Company will bill the homeowner for the cost of the meter and for the cost of labor to replace.