Middlesex Water

Hydrant Flushing

Middlesex Water Company (MWC) periodically flushes our water systems to ensure that fire hydrants are in proper working order and for water quality purposes. Occasionally, hydrant flushing will result in discolored water. These conditions are not harmful and are usually short term. During this time customers are encouraged to avoid using washing machines, dishwashers or other water using devices during flushing operations. Briefly running the cold water taps may help to clear discolored water. If discolored water or low pressure persists after several hours please call MWC Customer Service at 800-549-3802.


Flushing Schedule 2017:

Beginning on or about April 1st and continuing through July, MWC personnel will be flushing hydrants in the following areas:

  • South Plainfield
  • Edison (North & Menlo Park Terrace section)
  • Iselin 9 & 12
  • Colonia
  • Clark
  • Edison (Raritan Center section) 

The hydrant flushing will be conducted during the day-time hours (generally between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM) and only by uniformed, MWC personnel in clearly marked Middlesex Water Company vehicles.