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Water For Tomorrow

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Water For Tomorrow

Investing in our Infrastructure

The Middlesex Water family of companies invests in upgrades to its water distribution infrastructure to ensure greater reliability, safety and resiliency. Prudent upgrade and infrastructure replacement decisions are based on detailed analyses and diligent asset and risk managment plans.   Middlesex Water is embarking on a $160 million capital program (through 2018) which includes numerous short and long term projects such as RENEW - water main, valve and hydrant upgrades and replacement, installation of new meters, critical back up transmission mains, ozonation treatment, additional storage, additional back up power, and more. In addition to strengthening our water and wastewater infrastructure for now and future generations, these improvements are expected to result in benefits to our customers including:

  • Enhanced water pressures and consistent supply throughout our system
  • More reliable fire protection
  • More sustained system-wide water pressures in emergencies
  • Redundant power to mitigate service outages due to weather events
  • Fewer disinfection by-products resulting from water treatment
  • Greater security as exterior meter pit installation eliminates need by service personnel to enter customer homes
  • Less estimated billing
  • Faster, easier access to meters by MWC crews, particularly important in water turn-off emergencies