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Did you know Americans use an average of 100 gallons of water each day?  That's enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses!  While the population and the demand on freshwater resources are increasing, supply remains constant. With that in mind, we can all do our part in using water more efficiently.  Moving water from a treatment plant to residents' homes utilizes energy. By reducing household water use we save water and reduce the energy required to distribute that water.

Middlesex Water Company is committed to protecting the future of our national and local water supply through water-efficient practices, products and services. That is why we are pleased to partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to bring you WaterSense, a national program that offers people a simply way to make product choices that use less water and perform as well or better than your existing products.

We encourage you to learn about the WaterSense program and how you can preserve water supplies for future generations, save on utility bills and protect the environment through quality, water-efficient products.


WaterSense Labeled Products

Stay tuned as more WaterSense labeled products become available at a store near you! EPA maintains an online directory of labeled products at http://epa.gov/watersense/pp/.

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